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Redefining Careers

Career Jini Serevices

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Digital Training

Get to know us better through our Digital Lessons. Understand the basics of psychometrics, how our tools work,


Complete the workshop assignments  & Assessment

Become a Career Coach

Take the final leap towards becoming a career advisor and start guiding people.

Change lives with your own schedule

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Get Certified. Get Ahead.

Become a certified Career Advisor and start guiding students and working professionals.

Stand Out.

Get access to our tools and information on careers for effective counselling sessions.

Set Your Own Schedule.

Work the hours you want while inspiring students through your counselling.

Make More Money.

Earn more with each counselling session while making a real difference to the lives of individuals who need career clarity.

Big Problem : Students are confused over career choices


Of Students Make wrong

career choices in India - India Today


Of Professionals are not happy at Work in India - Times Job


Of Students are aware of only 7 career options

Our Approach - Understand student potential & Address skill Gaps 

Career |Skill Test 

Unique persona Analysis 

Skill Analysis

Skill analysis & Mapping across 14 different skills.

Strength Areas for student & aspects requiring more focus

Career Mapping

AI powered stream & career recommendation

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Learning suggestion

Learning Interventions required

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Solution : Scientific Career Assessment & Personalised Career Counseling

The Career Guidance Report Provides personalised analysis & recommendations for every student. Based on students submission, if there are areas of weakness observed, the algorithm will suggest the holistic learning interventions which can help out to bring out the secret genius in the individual. The algorithm has been made in partnership with some of the best neuroscientist in the country.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students approach Exam Jini?

Students usually follow two primary routes:

1) School or college tie-ups:

This is where we approach an institution and enter into an understanding with them, wherein the school grants us permission to conduct psychometric testing with their students.

2) Digital acquisition:

We conduct online marketing campaigns targeting students who are actively looking for career counselling and unable to choose their true career calling.

Which psychometric tools does Exam Jini use?

Exam Jini has constructed its own psychometric tools to measure a student’s interest, personality and ability.  Based on the career test, we plot your interest, potential and persona and suggest required learning interventions based on your current class and learning levels.

Why do I need to get certified? I am already a career counsellor.

Exam Jini has its own psychometric tools created by expert psychometricians. As a quality standard, we strive for standardised test usage and interpretation. It is essential that you understand the structure and process of the guidance session based on our tools. Our training workshops will help you do that and derive the intended conclusions to offer a defined experience for our clients.

What do i need to become Career Planner with Exam Jini?

After completing  the Digital Course & Certification, you will have to complete few assignments that involves doing a Live Project to qualify as a Career Planner. 

I am already a Psychology student and understand the psychometric assessment. Is the criteria same for non-psychology graduates as well. If so, why?

As we have developed our own psychometric tools to cater to Indian millennials, we train people on using Exam Jini tools and deliver a structured career guidance session. You can do this with or without a degree in psychology. Of course, a background in psychology or counselling is an added advantage.

How much time should I invest to qualify as a Exam Jini  Career Planner?

Basic counselling certification:

  • Prework: 1.5 to 2 hours

  • Training: 3 days (Digital) 

  • Post work: 1 week of preparation + conduction + 15 minutes for final assessment online

  • 1 shadow session with our senior 


Why should I pick you over other career guidance organisations/individuals?

Exam Jini uses a three-step solution to help your students discover themselves and their ideal career paths.Our assessment hasn’t simply been adapted from a foreign model; it has been created specifically for Indian students and is based on 21st-century careers. Based on the Career test,we understand your 360° profile and skill gaps and provide personalized learning interventions.

With Exam Jini, you can offer given below services as Career Planner

1) Mock Test Series - Any Board, Admission, Job etc

2) Career Test - Student, Graduate & Working Professional's

3) Counselling Services - Student, Graduates & Working Professional's

4) Digital Courses - Based on Learning Gap & individual Requirement

5) Creator - If you are teacher, trainer or educator, then can create your own digital courses & can upload on Exam Jini Learning Platform.

6) Education Goal Planning - 360 degree Education Goal Planning for kids & students.

7) Education Financing - One stop solution on Education financing (Loan) for Student. 

8) Biometric Test - Multiple Intelligence Test through Biometric Analysis to identify core personality. 

9) Career Acceleration Program : For Graduates | Job Seekers | Professionals

10) Job Guarantee Program : 100% Placement with career skills

11) Skill Test : To identify skill Gap in a Student 


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