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Build A Historic Legacy Of Future-Ready Students

Enable your students to get a headstart in fields they’re most likely to enjoy and excel at. Facilitate them in making some of their life’s most important decisions - choosing the right stream, course and career - with accuracy and ease. Partner with Exam Jini to give your students a real shot at becoming future-ready through the Exam Jini Solution.

Benefits Of Becoming A #CareerReady Institution


Differentiate your institution from the competition

Implement the Exam Jini Solution in your institution to equip your students with the right tools to make an informed career decision. Our four-step solution helps students discover themselves and their ideal career paths.


Enhance academic performances

An average student’s mind is cluttered with stress and confusion. The Exam Jini Solution will help them eliminate this clutter and provide clarity about their strengths, development areas and future options, thus helping them focus on academics and enhance performances


Attract and retain the best teacher talent

Give your teachers a chance to shine by transforming them into your own inhouse team of career counsellors with our counselling training programme. This will help you invest in your teachers’ skills, as well as garner appreciation from parents.


Join the Digital India movement

Install our digital Career Tabs in your library and enable students to access information on hundreds of careers and thousands of colleges and universities, and gain a deeper understanding of their future paths through our online webinars.


Be the guiding light in the lives of your students and parents

We conduct workshops on time management, stress management, goal setting, resilience building and more for parents and students. Guide them with these workshops and our informative blog articles that you can share from your desk to help you and your school receive the goodwill it deserves

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with someone at Exam Jini?

You can email us on or call/WhatsApp us on 8788607377. You could also message with us online by navigating to the ‘Contact Us’ button on top of the page and clicking on Contact Us Button.

What classes can I implement the Exam Jini solution for?

You can implement the Exam Jini solution for classes lkg to 12th.


How will the school benefit from this?

Implementing the Exam Jini Solution sets you apart from the crowd, as you go beyond just educating your students by also equipping them to make accurate career decisions. This will not only declutter the stress and confusion in their minds, it will also help them focus better on academics, improving your school’s overall academic performance. De-stressed students will go on to talk about how their school helped them make such a critical decision in their lives, giving your institution the recognition it deserves.

How will my teachers benefit from this?

Your top teachers could join our Career Planner training workshop and help you build a team of in-house Career Planner. This will help them further their own skills, while also equipping your institution with trained professionals to guide students through a critical juncture in their lives.

How much will this cost the Institution?

We offer two payment models, one where the school decides to sponsor career guidance for the students, and another where the school invites students and their parents for the workshops, and lets interested parents pay for their children.

Will you conduct the assessment within the school premises?

Given the ongoing pandemic, we’re offering a completely online programme, where everything from the workshop to assessments and counselling are conducted online. Students can give the assessment on the Exam Jini platform, and attend the counselling session via a Google Meet video call.

Will the career counselling take place within the institution premises?

The career counselling will take place over a one-on-one Google Meet video call between the student and the counsellor. Parents will be invited to join the last 15-20 minutes of this online call.

Is this compulsory for all students?

That would depend on the partnership model you select. If it’s a Institution-sponsored initiative, it would be compulsory for all students. If it’s a parent-dependent initiative, only those interested in seeking career guidance can participate in the session.

Why can’t I just go with an aptitude test?

Aptitude tests were never made for career fitment. They only tell you how good you are at the abilities they are testing you for. They do not consider interests or personality at all. Our psychometric assessment on the other hand, was built to help Indian millennials discover 21st century careers based on their core interest areas, personality and abilities. You can read more about the benefits of psychometric assessments over aptitude tests here.

Why should I pick you over other career guidance organisations/individuals?

Exam Jini uses a three-step solution to help your students discover themselves and their ideal career paths.Our assessment hasn’t simply been adapted from a foreign model; it has been created specifically for Indian students and is based on 21st-century careers. Based on the Career test,we understand your 360° profile and skill gaps and provide personalized learning interventions.

With Exam Jini, you can offer given below services as Career Guide | Coach 

1) Mock Test Series - Any Board, Admission, Job etc

2) Career Test - Student, Graduate & Working Professional's

3) Counselling Services - Student, Graduates & Working Professional's

4) Digital Courses - Based on Learning Gap & individual Requirement

5) Creator - If you are teacher, trainer or educator, then can create your own digital courses & can upload on Exam Jini Learning Platform.

6) Education Goal Planning - 360 degree Education Goal Planning for kids & students.

7) Education Financing - One stop solution on Education financing (Loan) for Student

8) Biometric Test - Multiple Intelligence Test through Biometric Analysis to identify 

Core Personality. 

9) Career Acceleration Program : For Graduates | Job Seekers | Professionals

10) Job Guarantee Program : 100% Placement with career skills

11) Skill Test : To identify skill Gap in a Student 

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